11 Feb

End Of Tenancy Cleaning in Dublin

Written by andy on Saturday 11th February 2023

Since the start of 2023 we have seen a large update in end of tenancy cleaning in Dublin.

Our customers for our End of Tenancy cleaning in Dublin is a mixture of landlords and tenants.

We thought it would be useful to share a recent converstaion we had with a tenant. He was refused his deposit back from his landlord. The reason given was the property was not in the same condition when handed back as it was when rented to him. His landlord shared with him a term within his lease.

“Immediately before handing up possession of the premises on the termination of this Agreement to thoroughly clean all cookers, fridge, sanitary apparatus and other appliances and all carpets, floor coverings and furnishings and to deliver up same in a sound and clean condition, fair wear and tear excepted; provided always that breach of this condition shall entitle the Landlord to deduct the cost of cleaning the premises from the Security Deposit.”

In fairness to the landlord when we arrived at the property it looked clean on first glance. However when we started to work we uncovered many areas where an end of tenancy cleaning was required. Thankfully on completion this tenant made us aware that he received his full deposit back.

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