24 May

Covid 19 Cleaning Dublin

Written by andy on Sunday 24th May 2020

Cleaning Services Dublin are delighted to announce the launch of our Covid 19 Disinfection Services Dublin. Our Infection Control trained cleaners are ready to Disinfect your workplace today.

Without properly disinfection and control Covid 19 can spread freely in your workplace. Our specialist Covid 19 Disinfection Service Cleaning Team work with the latest technology of Decontamination Wet Fogging and other methodologies are used against the spread of Coronavirus.

Rapid Response

Rapid Response Call out Service Available – As we have learnt in recent weeks a rapid call out service is crucial to limit the risk of contamination. Be it in your workplace or service area on learning of a recently positive case being in your premises its crucial to react quickly. This will certainly limit the risk of further community transmission on your premises.

The process

Wet fogging gives the best coverage when fighting the virus and disinfecting whole rooms and hard to reach places becomes possible with this process with a dwell time of 5 minutes. Our odourless anti-microbial disinfectant sophisticated Anti-microbial Blend QCideTM SP RTU employs a potentiated biocidal package which provides a significantly faster and wider scope of kill. Penetration To provide ultimate sanitization of target surfaces, this powerful anti-microbial package has been combined with super-wetting technology. This enables the biocide to penetrate faster and deeper into the inner-structure of fibre and porous substrates.

Our team will call to your premises with full protective Hazmad suits which are destroyed after use. All chemicals

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