19 Apr

Airbnb Linen Cleaning Dublin

Written by andy on Wednesday 19th April 2017

Airbnb Linen cleaning for Dublin hosts is one of the challenges faced by all.

I mean we all want to have maximum occupancy but in doing this the costs and time involved in cleaning linen, or dropping and collecting linen in a launderettes is so time consuming for hosts. The costs start to mount up and for some it can really be the straw that broke the Dublin hosts back!!!

With this in mind we went out of our way to see how we can assist hosts in Dublin with Hotel quality linen dropped to your door and the dirties taken away. It took a while for us to master the process and find the ideal partner but i am glad to say we have now at last.

Our latest offering to Dublin hosts is Airbnb Linen cleaning here in Dublin. Get your short term rental property in Dublin its fresh and pressed linen delivered and dirties taken away for as little as €5 per guest.
Find out more airbnb@cleaningservicesdublin.ie

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