Clean inside/outside of all kitchen cupboards; Oven & range cleaning;

Clean inside/outside of all kitchen appliances; Damp wipe all kitchen countertops; Sweep and wash hard surface floors.

Discale and clean sink, plug sockets, light switches, damp wipe window ledges, Clean down doors and radiator

Bedroom Cleaning

Bedrooms – Vacuum and mop ; Clean mirrors; Dust and wash window sills;

Clean inside cupboards and wardrobes, Clean inside and outside of lockers, plug sockets, light switches,

Inside and outside of wardrobe doors & Clean down doors, handles and railings within the wardrobe.

Livingroom Cleaning

Living room - Vacuum and mop, Clean mirrors, Polish table.

Clean and polish all surfaces, Clean pictures, clean down doors, plug sockets, dust down of lamp shades.

Light switches, Dust and wash window sill. Damp wiping and dusting of fixtures and fittings such as coffee table etc

Bathroom Cleaning

Bathrooms - Scrub and disinfect all of bathroom suite; Wash down tiles, Clean mirrors,

Clean down doors, Wash and cleaning of shower tray and shower glass.

Hallway & Landing

Hallway Cleaning- Vacuum and mop, plug sockets, light switches.

Clean mirrors, Picture frames, Clean down doors.

Utility Room

Utility Room cleaning of floors & presses including interior and exterior.

Cleaning of washing machine and dryer rims, handles and buttons.

Apartment Cleaning Services in Dublin

We all want our home to be clean and organized. A well-managed home reflects our personality and lifestyle of course. It is very necessary to maintain your home because this is the place where you spend most of your time, but the problem arises when all the family members are working. In the daily hustles, it is not possible for the family to clean and maintain their home and they always look for a help to do the same. What if we say that you do not have to hire a full time house help and rather you can get your entire home cleaned whenever you want, isn’t it a good option? Cleaning Services Dublin us here with the best apartment cleaning services in the town, we provide cleaning for every corner of your home, right from the kitchen to bedroom, living room, bathroom and the hallway as well. We deep clean every corner of your place with the help of good quality cleaning products and highly experienced labour. We have different offers available depending on the packages. If you’re also working, and your house is nothing but a mess, visit us and get it cleaned!